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The Department of Higher Education and Training (the Department) and its entities undertake research to better understand their various sub-sectors, and identify challenges and opportunities in an effort to guide resource allocations. The Post-School Education and Training (PSET) system produces research on the sector but the research is not available in a central location and it is sometimes hard to access. The Research Repository therefore serves as a central location for all research on PSET. The Research Repository stores and manages collections of research and other related documents.

The objectives of the Research Repository are to:

  • create global visibility for the department commissioned research;
  • collect content in a single location;
  • provide open access to institutional research output by self-archiving it; and
  • store and preserve other institutional digital assets, including unpublished or otherwise easily lost ("grey") literature (for example, theses or technical reports).
Featured research

Fact Sheet on Gender Parity in Post-School Education and Training opportunities (2021)

This Fact Sheet provides a comparative analysis of the gender profile of students in the PSET system,
with a specific focus on access and success. It uses the GPI to measure progress towards gender parity
in post-school education and training. This Fact Sheet tracks progress towards gender...

Fact Sheet on Gender for students in PSET Institutions, 2020

The Department of Higher Education and Training (the Department) publishes, among others, annual statistics on Post-School Education and Training (PSET) institutions, which also covers the enrolment and graduates data by gender. This assists the Department in tracking progress toward improved acc...

Recently added research

Made to measure? Some international reflections on developing VET Indicators

The DHET Labour Market Intelligence project is one of the largest scale attempts globally in recent years to develop systems and capacity to measure the performance of post-compulsory education and training systems. As such, it offers the prospect of both contributing significantly to meeting Sou...

Establishing a foundation for labour market information systems in South Africa

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the key issues and problems in establishing a labour market information system in an emerging economy. The paper is structured as follows: section one considers some of the key high-level foundation principles for such systems; section two co...

Developing a framework for institutional planning and monitoring in FET colleges

Drawing on international models of good practice, this paper outlines the emerging framework for M&E, introduced by the DHET in 2011, which takes into account the relationship between system-level monitoring and institutional monitoring. The document brings structure to the system-level framework, w...

Developing a framework for understanding SETA performance: Monitoring and Evaluating their role in skills planning, steering and enabling supply within their sector

The paper begins by exploring the central issue highlighted in a number of research reports on the SETAs: the absence of a shared understanding of their role. The paper argues that multiple objectives have an adverse effect on the performance of the SETAs. Taking a streamlined mandate as the new dir...

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