DHET's privacy statement

At DHET, the collection and processing of your personal information is important to us. We are committed to handling your personal information in the right way, for the right reasons. Our Privacy Statement outlines DHET’s practices in this regard.

  1. DHET promises to treat all your personal information carefully and responsibly.
  2. Personal information includes but is not limited to any information that lets DHET identify you, such as your name/s and surname combined with your physical address, contact details and/or passport/identity number.
  3. Personal information (in South Africa) also refers to the personal information that uniquely identifies a legal entity, such as the trading name of a company combined with the company registration number.
  4. Special personal information includes information about your race or ethnic origin, religious and philosophical beliefs, political persuasion, trade union membership, health or sex life, biometric information (for example, your voice or fingerprints), any criminal behaviour which relates to alleged criminal offences or proceedings.
  5. DHET will only collect and process your personal information for the reason you provided, or to enable us to comply with the requirements of specific laws that we are governed by; or to comply with any regulations, directives, judgments or court orders, government sanctions or embargoes, reporting requirements under legislation.
  6. DHET may process your personal information to protect your or our legitimate interests. DHET will not collect and process personal information about you that we do not need. The general purposes for which DHET collects and processes your personal information include:
    1. Creating a record of you on our system to verify your identity, assess your applications, and then communicate with and keep you informed.
    2. DHET will not share your personal information with third parties who do not need your personal information, or where DHET is not legally permitted to do so.